We always do onsite surveys

We always do onsite surveys before ordering a system for a customer. Several customers have given us positive feedback for doing them. So we carry one out before ordering a system to assure there will be no surprises on installation day.

When it is possible for us to survey before making an offer, we will gladly do so.

In other cases, we will gather the needed information by phone and use our planning program to get a better picture of the case. When then the customer has decided to get a system from us, we will carry out the survey.

This is what we look for:

  • Areas of shading
  • Make measurements of roof to plan layout of the panel field(s)
  • Look for the best cable routing
  • Examine the electricity centre
  • Assess whether or not we need to build our own fuse box or if we can install directly into the main fuse box
  • Assess if it will be possible to install extra smart functions, such as consumption monitor and directing

We also look for “difficulty” factors such as:

  • Extreme areas of shading from natural (trees, hills etc) and man made (buildings)
  • Roof angles and directions
  • Roof condition
  • Locations of Inverter, safety switches and batteries

Results of the onsite survey

If we see that there are too many factors that may negatively affect the benefits of a system, we will advise the customer that it may not make sense to install a system at all.

The SUN VALO team

We are a close knit team who take pride in being the same faces that show up at every single stage, from the survey through to the commissioning of the system as well as the after sales and support.

So, we always do onsite surveys so that there are minimal surprises for us, minimal disruption to the customer and a system installed that will be of benefit to them.

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