The price level of solar panels has fallen dramatically in the last 10 years ( up to 80%). At the same time, their efficiency has increased.

There is a huge market with products and manufacturers making it hard to know what or who to trust. Our supplier GEF Oy monitors the market continually to provide the best and highest quality products. As a GEF reseller, we have strong backing and support. The system is delivered complete, not as separate parts from different suppliers. Together with GEF, we operate in a responsible manner, both in terms of products as well as our service.

Each solar power system is tailored individually according to the electrical consumption, the type, direction and dimensions of the roof and the surrounding area.

The optimal direction for the panel array to face is the south. However, efficient and profitable solar power systems are installed in east/west directions as well.

The system produces best when the sun shines directly on to the roof and there are no large and tall trees in the surroundings giving too much shade.

The system is most beneficial when using the produced electricity yourself. However, it is possible to sell the excess electricity to an electricity company, this can be checked with your own electricity provider.