The fire risks associated with solar power systems are becoming a bigger topic.
Often you hear that the system is practically maintenance free. Any electrical system can never be that! To reduce the fire risk, it is important to carry out periodic safety inspections.

In addition to the inverter safety switch, a separate safety switch is installed for the solar panel array. The system will also be grounded.

The law does not require these measures, but in terms of fire safety, we consider it very important.

Safety and security checks are part of our 5-year warranty. After the warranty period, we offer a separate service package.


SUN VALO emphasizes the responsibility and safety of systems. The law does not currently require any special permits or expertise for the installation of solar power plants, except for the electrical qualification S2 required for connecting to the mains. For this reason there are operators who don’t necessarily leave a professional and safe mark. Risks increase with abuse and without the customers being aware of it at all. Neglecting quality standards also poses challenges for authorities, such as fire and rescue operations. If you already have a system installed, make sure that it is safe! Be aware of what is sold to you and what the end result is like!