Pricing for On-Grid systems

The price of the system is based on the size of the building, the electricity consumption and the customer’s needs. All packages are delivered with GEF 365W panels.

For example, the price range of a ca. 3kW – 5kw (8-14 panels) system is 6600€ to 8600€, with financing starting from 113€/month. The prices include VAT 24% and about 1/3 of the price is tax deductible labour for private persons.

GEF Vision production monitoring program is not included in the prices and the examples are also based on easy access to the installation site.

We always give a Turnkey quote based on a free assessment visit.

Pricing for Off-Grid systems

Cottage solutions are not always turnkey solutions. However, it is important to note that a 230V off-grid system has to be tested and approved by an S2 electrician to be covered by the insurance. The prices given are for the basic packages but they don´t contain additional parts (cables, connection boxes etc) or labour.  A complete price for the system is given based on more accurate information.