GEF solar panels are manufactured for Finnish conditions and are the best on the market in terms of price-quality ratio

Solar panel GEF-365-HM120 Black 365 Wp

Monocrystalline HalfCut Photovoltaic Panel

GEF 365 W is a high efficiency panel, 5 – 10 W more power thanks to the halved cell structure. Better temperature coefficient and lower crystal resistance improve energy production. The lower operating temperature and less hot spot formation, makes the panel more efficient on sunny days. Better shade duration in the morning and evening. Less impact of microcracks. Stylish and unified look.

Single crystal black PERC- Photovoltaic panel

Solar panel GEF-310-M60-BL

310 Wp SOLD OUT!

Solar Panel GEF-280-P60

Poly-crystalline photovoltaic panel

280 Wp SOLD OUT!

High-quality RAULI mounting systems are used for efficient and stylish installation of photovoltaic systems. The products are manufactured in Finland having being developed by Finnish solar panel installers together with roof safety experts. The material is SSAB steel.

GEF solar power systems use the Fronius inverter, a high quality manufacturer on the market, being customised to the requirements of the power plant.

The GEF solar power system is delivered directly to the installation site. Delivery includes GEF solar panels, Fronius inverter, Rauli mounting system, cables and safety switches.

When considering a solar power system, it is important to be aware of the following:

  • The need for a separate permit for the installation of a power plant must be clarified from the municipality/city.
  • The local electrical contractor needs to be authorised to connect the power plant to the grid.
  • A separate agreement is also needed with the electricity supplier for the sale of excess electricity before the plant is installed.