The debate on the utilisation of solar energy in Finland has been increasing all the time. We have the same amount of light as Central Europe and the debate has intensified over how to take advantage of solar power in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint. Solar panels are well suited to our conditions as they produce best in bright sunlight and cool temperatures. The solar power system does not really have any disadvantages, it is quiet and low maintenance.

The solar power system increases the value of the property and reduces the electricity bill. From the beginning of 2021, the regulations allow the utilisation of solar power also for housing communities.

About 20 – 30% of the electricity used per year can be generated by solar energy. The solar power system produces best in daylight. The places that use electricity mostly during the day, are the ones that get the most benefit of the system. The benefits can be increased by changing one’s own use of electricity consumption (e.g. using a washing machine and dishwasher during the daytime if possible). GEF offer an application (GEF Vision), where you can monitor and direct the electricity generated by the system; for example, the electricity generated can be directed to the hot water heating system.