COTTAGE SOLUTIONS – where there is no electricity

There are lots of different cottages in various environments and how they are used can differ quite a bit. We have both off-the-shelf packages to offer as well as customised solutions to suit the needs.

The prices given are for the basic packages, they don´t contain additional parts (cables, connection boxes etc) or labour.  We can give the complete price for the system when we have more accurate information of the place itself.

We have divided the solutions into three categories based on different needs:

  1. Small cottages / sauna buildings 12V DC / 230V AC: more regular use of lighting with option to power for example fridge  and TV
  2. Medium sized cottages 230V AC: regular use of lighting, fridge, TV and use of cooker
  3. Large cottages 230V AC: equivalent to a detached house that is not connected to the electricity grid